Unit FAQs

Handing, LH or RH??

Be sure to choose the correct 'Handing' when ordering your units. If the unit is available Left or Right Handed, simply choose the appropriate unit for your kitchen design. LH means the door will be hinged on and open to the Left. Likewise, RH means the same but hinged on the Right.

What do abbreviations like FH and DL mean?

See our Jargon Buster

Why do some of your Fridge/Freezer Housings come with loose doors?

We have made un-drilled doors available on some units to suit certain appliances. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer's instructions for the appliance, your kitchen fitter or order it loose, the doors can always be fitted later if required.

Where can I find appliance units for Dishwasher, Washing Machine or Base Fridge / Freezer?

No carcass is required for integrated appliances that sit under your worktop. These appliances sit between units or on the end of a run of units and need a door only. These can be found under the red 'Decor' tab when quoting or placing your order. If your appliance is on the end of a run of units, don't forget to order a Base End Panel if needed; you'll find these under the same 'Decor' tab then Side & Filler Panels.

What size are the legs on your units?

Our legs are 150mm high as standard. We can also provide 100mm or 200mm legs (the 200mm option consists of a 150mm leg and a 50mm extension).

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